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Welcome to Meerkat Studio Productions


I moved from Tuscany, in Italy, many years ago, following a dream to expand my musical career to the USA. Every step of the way I’ve always loved the challenge of discovering new cultures and the opportunity to document and share the places I’ve visited with my friends and family.

As a touring musician with Air Supply, I'm not just making music, I'm making dreams come true across the globe for so many people, and that alone is extremely fulfilling!

But the journey isn't just about the concerts - it's about what remains after the lights go off, after every sunrise, sunset, sleepless nights, airport layovers, and the beauty we see hidden in every corner of this beautiful world.

Many people have encouraged me to publish my photos, making my tour videos public, and thanked me for taking them along for the ride, giving them the possibility to see the world through my eyes.

If you would like to experience that with me too, feel free to Like, Subscribe, and Enjoy! 🙂



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