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Musical Career

Mirko Tessandori was born in Rome, Italy and raised in Viareggio on the coast of Tuscany, in an extraordinarily rich cultural environment. Parents, Franco Tessandori (a jazz saxophone player, song-writer and producer for RCA Italia), and Vanna Scorcucchi (a statistician and clothing boutique owner), along with devoted grandparents, Francesco Tessandori (a mechanic), and wife, Antonietta, were united in encouraging the pursuit of music as a profession. In nearby Cortona, two more grandparents were also a constant source of inspiration - Gina Toto Brocchi ‘Popa', the beloved designer of the clothing line, ‘Podrì’, and Andrea Scorcucchi, ‘Drei’, a wood craftsman who made elegant furniture and frames for his friend, Gino Severini (Italian painter and leader of the Italian futurist and Cubist movements).

Mirko Tessandori graduated in 1993 with a degree in classical piano studies at Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Boccherini in Lucca, Italy. Following graduation, he began a collaboration with producers Ernesto and Franco Migliacci (author of 'Volare') for Dueffel Music, and was influenced strongly by producer/singer-songwriter, Roberto Zappalorto. These relationships soon led to recording two studio albums with Italian singer-songwriter Stefano Zarfati. As keyboardist for Zarfati, he appeared on television shows and toured throughout Italy.

Mirko worked as a songwriter with Adriana Ruocco for the album, Sarò Bellissima and as a pianist with Stefano Picchi for the album, Il Muro delle Rose. In 2002 Mirko formed the band, ‘Easydoro’, featuring singer Petra Magoni. By 2003 the band had evolved in style into the band, ‘Nativo’, and began arranging and recording again, this time with Mirko as pianist and musical director with Stefano Zarfati for his third album, Moto Perpetuo.

After several years in Tuscany and Rome, Mirko moved to Los Angeles in 2009 and had his first US collaboration with international singer, Patrizio Buanne, and multi-Grammy award winning producers Humberto Gatica and Tony Renis, (Warner Bros. United Kingdom) on the album, Patrizio. In June 2010, Mirko returned to his roots and formed the band, ’La Dolce Vita’, with guitarist, Robbie Angelucci and singer, Luciano Palermi, performing Italian songs from the ‘60s. In August of 2010, Mirko worked closely with Grammy award-winning guitarist and singer-songwriter, Aaron McLain.

From 2010-2015, Mirko toured internationally on six continents with the legendary balladeer, Engelbert Humperdinck as conductor, keyboard player, pianist, guitarist and backing vocalist for the ‘Legacy of Love’, ‘Released’ and ’50 Years with Engelbert Humperdinck’ tours. Talented English singer-songwriter, Sam Bailey, was a featured duet-partner for the 2015 UK tour.

In 2016, Mirko started touring internationally with Air Supply for their '40 Years Tour' in Mexico, Guatemala, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Canada and the United States.

He's currently touring extensively with Air Supply all over the world.

Mirko is also a member of G and The Jolly Cucumbers, with Air Supply's Graham Russell and bassist Doug Gild.

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